Best Wishes to Dr. McCauley with Her Move to North Carolina

Please join us in offering our best wishes to Dr. McCauley as she enters a new adventure in her life. Last year at this time, Dr. McCauley chose to exclusively concentrate her efforts on lectures at speaking engagements. She has now taken the next step in this process and has just completed a relocation to North Carolina. Congratulations Dr. McCauley on your new location and good luck! We wish you well in your new endeavors!

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Where do TOPS clients come from?
Naturally, most of TOPS clients come from the greater Chicago area.  You may be surprised, however, at the number of clients that seek our services from out of state.  Here is a current map of the location of TOPS' US clients.  Not included below is the fact that we also have had clients from outside the US, including both Canada and Bermuda.


Why choose "TOPS"?
When TOPS Vet Rehab's doors opened in August 1998 at a time when veterinary rehabilitation was practically unheard of.  Since that time, TOPS has become one of the world's more recognized names in veterinary rehabilitation. As a result, TOPS clients come from literally all over the country, and some from outside the country.  

If you choose TOPS, your dog will be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian, trained in rehabilitation, veterinary acupuncture and animal chiropractic. As well, while some treatments are performed by our veterinarians, and some are performed by our Treatment Specialists, the treatment plan will be developed and overseen by the veterinarian.  This is critical in the case of geriatric dogs, dogs with additional medical conditions, or simply for peace of mind. 

If you are looking for a veterinary rehabilitation center, we welcome you to call and get a chance to learn more about our services that the types of treatment options that may be able to help your pet.

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Furry Friends!  

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Thought of the Day

"The harder you work, the luckier you get."

     - Gary Player


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Featured Case - "Hunter" Siwak

Our case of the month is "Hunter" Siwak, an 8 year old male German Shepherd Dog. Prior to coming to TOPS, Hunter proved to be a challenging medical case.  On 1/21 he was extremely lethargic, and did not want to eat or drink. Fortunately for him, his mom Vicki works at an animal hospital (Care Animal Hospital in Libertyville) and was able to get on top of his case quickly. Over the next month, Hunter exhibited weaknesses in his hind end and after multiple inconclusive tests there was still no diagnosis. Click here to see the case study.

"Without TOPS I do not feel that I would still have my pet with me today.  They are miracle workers."

TOPS Veterinary Overview  (Click on player controls to control video playback)

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for the video!

TOPS' Hydro-Treadmill First in the World for Canine use

When TOPS built it's pool and installed the world's first hydro-treadmill used specifically for dogs, we were sure it would be a big part of our rehab treatments. We just didn't know how big. In fact, when we expanded our facility in 2002, we included two underwater treadmills to keep up with the demand, which have been used over 6000 times since the first one was installed.  These treadmills have played an enormous part in the success of each of our Walk of Fame cases. Numerous other facilities around the country have bought or are in the process of buying a treadmill. We're glad to see that more and more dogs across the country will be able to benefit from this type of therapy.


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